More than 100 data center managers are already benefiting from its use of a document management system!

The documentation and security in the data center will also cost you time and nerves?

With professional data processing and structured documentation, you can reduce the risk of failure by up to 30% with just one click of the mouse.

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Our software maps all resources at the push of a button:
Dependencies and real-time capacities of your data center at a glance!

You'll gain insights into how to ensure optimal cooling performance and prevent emerging overloads. Dependencies between devices are clarified.

Your benefit in your everyday work:



The true-to-scale depiction of your data center with all the components it contains makes it easier to find devices or cable runs quickly.

Automated data retrieval

Required details of the existing or new devices to be installed (space requirements, power consumption, heat output, etc.) can be called up with just one click, which minimizes the time spent on annoying documentation work.

error prevention

Changes or new installations will be checked and, if necessary, rejected if the capacity of a rack does not allow this. The remaining capacity after installation is automatically adjusted based on the new data.


Before moving or consolidating a data center, the system automatically notifies you whether the destination location can meet the resource requirements of the affected devices.


Real-time data transmission means that both the power supply and the cooling capacity are monitored and secured around the clock. A warning/alarm is given when a threshold is reached or exceeded.

power management

For the power consumption of the individual devices, either the actually measured value or the one on the type plate is used. This identifies devices or racks with the highest power consumption.

Efficient troubleshooting

By pinpointing the root cause of a problem and providing a graphical representation of your data center, you can more quickly determine device location and find devices or cable connections without having to search for them in the field.

EN 50600

Continuous calculation of PUE and DCiE shows the details in a histogram and also provides information about the affected servers, network components, storage systems, etc.

Reliable reports

Customizable reports ensure internal and external reporting requirements are met. Once entered, the software provides you with the data, automatically registers changes and delivers measured values in real time. This also gives you an overview of which maintenance contracts are about to expire.

Risk-free change management

Our tool shows you the dependency of different devices. This ensures simple and error-free management of moves, extensions or changes. Errors caused by manual data transmission are no longer possible.

30% less risk of failure & 60% instant issue resolution

Through targeted monitoring and measurement of threshold values, you can identify possible risks at an early stage, counteract them and intervene in the right places.

cable management

Documentation of the network cabling from the port to the patch panel to the device. Tracing power wiring from the source, the public Utility or generator to power strip.

IP and password management

Central administration of IPv4 and IPv6 allows you to retain control of addresses, passwords and the assignment of different roles.


The detailed recording of changes made can be used to minimize rework and, if above average, possible gaps in the training of the employees concerned can be identified and eliminated at an early stage.


Due to the documentation of your data center in a central database, current and incomplete Excel and Visio documents of individual employees are rarely superfluous. Users are given the necessary authorization, with each access being documented and, last but not least, ensuring security for the planning.

failure prevention

Simulate the failure of power infrastructure components and their impact on business services.

capacity planning

Identifying trend lines ahead of time when resources such as space, power and cooling in the data center will be exhausted.
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Flexibly adaptable

Whether purchasing or renting the software license, you decide how to use our solution. Unsure if this will work in your specific case as well? In our first meeting we will show you how ours works software can also help you with your individual requirements.

In 4 steps to an absolute perspective in the data center

Initial consultation (ie 15 min - online)

Needs assessment and explanation of the procedure and project process, benchmarks in terms of project duration and project costs, options and alternatives.

Strategy discussion and product selection (ie 90 min - online)

In order to meet all requirements, you will get detailed insights into our tools and their functions. In addition, we will work with you to find the right solution specifically for your requirements and integration into your environment.

Kick-Off (ie 1 day – on site)

Together we evaluate the ACTUAL and TARGET status and discuss the exact project process, role allocation and framework conditions.

Installation & implementation

Your data will be entered into the tool or, if necessary, partially or completely re-recorded beforehand. The users and administrators are then trained.

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