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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) / comments:

The introduction of a DCIM software is not a rocket science. Quite contrary, supports you in all matters related to a quick and uncomplicated realisation. We support you beginning with the data collection if required up to the complete project implementation (turnkey). Below are the most frequently asked questions / statements:

Our documentation is incomplete or obsolete!
No problem at all! If your existing documentation does not enable a successful DCIM implementation, takes care of the complete data collection. A complete and accurate DCIM can only be implemented with centrally stored data.

We have no time for data management!
This is not a problem either! loves to administer your data, the traceablility of which is required by law. We provide the data via a secure web connection and perform the audit if required.

We have not enough personnel to do the implementation ourselves!
In this case takes over the complete work and hands out the final solution after the implementation.

The actual system does not meet the requirements!
We are experienced in the migration of systems, which saves time and money. A high performance solution with a state of the art interface solution does not stand in the way.

How quick can the new system be implemented?
The implemetation is split into several phases, thereby enabling a quick step by step system introduction. Your workload is minimised.

Is support available in the German speaking countries?
Yes, of course. We are at your disposal by telepohone or remote connection. Extensive training will be given to all users and admininstrators. We also offer supplemental and/or follow-up training as well as training focused on special segments, i.e. extended reporting or programming of interfaces.

Can a DCIM solution be integrated into an existing system?
Yes. Data exchange into an existing management system is done via standardised interfaces. The automatic update after a change or the introduction of a ticketing system is not a problem at all. Specific reports can be realised via an open database interface ODBC).

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